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 Suddenly one morning I woke up and found I had grown too old too soon,  80 years old.  So I have moved off of the boat am am now w7KFI/3.  Sorry folks....just too old to continue with the solo dxpeditions..Long time member Seven Seas Cruising cruiser should be without it. Check it out, ( ,you will be suprised just how much "up to date" first hand cruising information is available there.

 QSL direct(SASE) or Buro.....   Susan Meckley, PO Box 1210, Pahrump, NV 89041, USA

 Member: Nuie Island Yacht radio steady since 1952

               Pearl Harbor Yacht Found Yacht Club, Mexico

               US Navy 1952 and retired MSGT USA 1995

               Seven Seas Cruising


               KE'Ehi Boat Club............Honolulu, Hawaii

 Ahoy Mates!  - finally reached 80 yrs...looks like my sailing days are over....moving ashore east coast. 

           (Site under continual construction...I'm learning how to do it, so be kind )

USSV Dharma and het skipper Susan Meckley

Do I look beat?   Do I look tired?  You bet'chum Red Ryder....I just stepped ashore after 36 days at sea....was experiencing "land sickness", that is...nothing was moving....I was used to everything rolling and pitching around.Cry(Dont What? ( You do not know who Red Ryder is?,...ask your grandpa)..Guess that sort of dates me...born in 1935.

Sorry about my voice, throat cut in Alameda, Calif years ago, voice box put back together...not supposed to have any voice....fooled them....but it is raspy and gets tired easily....thus I operate mainly cw.

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.....PERMISSION TO LAND ON KH3 APPROVED by USAF...waiting for almost a year for US Fish and Wildlife to get off their duff and gives permission.  USAF gave their permission last summer.

....getting ready to put to sea...problem is I know what needs to be done, I know how to do it, BUT, I am 76 and tired, so it is taking me some good time.  I had planned on the Marshall Island but may get too old before US Fish and Wild Life gives permission....only time will tell.


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